Sanjay Sports Academy is an open grass turf playground wherein football, cricket and different sports apart from coaching happening at the academy. The turf is huge and can easily host matches of seven-a-side. 


In its early stages, still emerging, was a first of its kind ground plus academy in Baner, Pune. The client wanted a website to its name along with launch, branding as well as a CSR plan for the academy and wanted to drive leads and memberships through our efforts.


Website: We created a brand new website pertaining to the academy describing the sports, training, coaching and the playground available along with elaborate details for booking the ground for various events. Launch and Branding: The Academy, as mentioned above was a first in the area and that’s why it had to be launched in a manner that people would be lured to come in and check the ground out which we created with the launch campaign. CSR: Since we were approached to conduct a CSR activity for the academy, we came up with the idea of hosting the “Pune Slum Football Tournament” (PSFT) which was an unique drive to encourage slum kids to play on the turf grounds and pick a kid and sponsor him/her for football training.


The website and launch were successful and the CSR activity saw huge participation. Apart from this, the ground is booked all year round and the academy got nearly 64% memberships through the means of all the activities and the buzz which was a great accomplishment.