Oakwood Asia is a chain of serviced apartments and corporate housing in more than 85 countries across the world as well as in India in order to provide move-in ready furnished accommodations. 


To change the focus of Oakwood Residence Apartments in Pune from corporate professionals to youth as their target audience. A need to promote their in house amenities like gymnasium and cafe to the outsiders.


 Brand Collaterals: We designed the brand strategy and collaterals for their brand in order to create good brand recognition for Oakwood in Pune. Social Media Marketing: We created a social media presence for Oakwood Asia as a brand and leveraged Facebook and Instagram as potential platforms to create awareness about the service apartments as well as their gym and 24 hour cafe. Organized Events: Since the client wanted to include youth in their Target Audience, on their behalf we suggested them to hold a pool party in order to attract the youth and get them to sign up for memberships and build interest among them.


During non-peak time, the footfall at Oakwood Residence Apartments increased by nearly 45-50% and the memberships at the gym increased and so did the number of visitors at the 24-hour cafe.