MoveAssistOnline is an online platform that helps people to coordinate their shifting and moving from one place to another. It’s an integrated planning tool which makes moving a hassle-free experience.


Based out of the USA, MoveAssistOnline was a unique initiative to help moving out from one place to another, a hassle free experience. The portal wanted more subscriptions through the means of online media (social media) and content marketing via blogs. Though it was an unique concept, it was also novel and therefore there was a risk of failure involved.


Social Media Marketing: We made use of social media platforms especially Linked In to create a base of followers and subscribers that will need a tool like MoveAssist while shifting. We also ran successful PPC campaigns for the brand to generate more leads. Blogging: We created unique content and created a blog with a thorough content strategy in place in order to again generate leads for MoveAssist through the means of content creation and marketing. The entire idea was to get more subscriptions through the blog posts.


The entire campaign resulted in more than 10,000+ subscriptions on the app and the portal in a period of one month which was a huge success!