Gold Gym is a chain of the finest fitness centres spread not only in India, but also around the world. Gold Gym has centres in Pune city and encourages people to lead a healthy life by working out.


To create Brand Awareness for the Law College Road branch in Pune among the many gymnasium competitors in the city. Along with brand awareness, we also had to generate interest and in turn, increase the number of memberships at the gym outlets with suitable online and offline marketing strategies.


Social Media Marketing: We used Social media platforms like Facebook to generate health interests among people and gave them promotional offers which encouraged them to sign up for annual memberships at the Gold Gym branch. Print Advertising: Using the medium of prints ads such as flyers and advertising on bus crowns, we worked at creating awareness among people about the need for a healthy life, thereby leading to lead generation for enquiries and membership. Promo Offers:  We ran a number of successful early bird promo offers and festive offers to encourage increased number of quarter and annual gym memberships. 


With the campaigns and marketing tools used, we were successful in creating leads that signed up for Gold Gym’s membership. There was an increase by 35-40% in the number of annual memberships at the gymnasium.