EFFCO Finishes and Technologies Private Limited is a well -known firm involved in sourcing, developing and manufacturing Smart and Greener Coating technologies for surface finishing industry in India. 


There was a dire need to re-brand EFFCO and lift its brand presence to form a market value worth acknowledging, so that market penetration became easier for the client.


Re-Branding: EFFCO approached us in order to re-brand them and uplift their face value to create a buzz in the market. We gave them a complete brand strategy.Logo and Identity Design: We started from conceptualisation to re-designing their logo so as to craft a credible identity design.Website Revamp: Their old website was completely revamped, giving it a new look and feel. Branding Solution: We provided them with a 360 degree branding solution for easier market-space penetration


EFFCO not only had a brand new identity to boast about, but we also provided them with successful re-positioning in the market, which resulted in an improvement in the ROI and business enquiries for the brand.