Cafe PeterDonuts, a famous chain of outlets selling delicious donuts in and around Pune which was started by a Korean entrepreneur has found a number of takers for the delicious donuts at various outlets which have launched in the city over a period of a year and a half.


The challenges included devising a brand strategy and a powerful digital presence for the outlets. We also had to organise events and execute various campaigns in order to turn the small chain of cafe into a full-fledged restaurant. 


Brand Strategy: We collaborated with Cafe PeterDonuts to not only create a brand strategy for them but also to become brand partners in order to create brand presence. CIP: Their Brand strategy included creating stationery and doing hospitality product photography for them. Digital Marketing: Orca Studio was driven to make use of digital platforms in order to drive real time walk-ins at the cafe franchises and for the same, a number of social media campaigns were run. Advertising: We advertised for them using flyers and hoardings. We collaborated and also ran a successful CSR activity for them on Children’s Day which was success off-the-mill.


The partnership was so successful that while at the start, the cafe had 2 outlets, now they have a good 6 outlets to boast about only in Pune City with nearly 10 franchise openings on the way. The turnover has increased by nearly 200% due to effective marketing and branding.