Apache is an upbeat chain of lounges in Pune around Kothrud, Aundh, Viman Nagar areas with collegians and young people between the age of 21 and 45 frequenting this place.


Apache at Balewadi Highstreet was launched amidst challenging scenarios as the one outlet had closed down whereas the one at Chandni Chowk was fading out.


Media Strategy and Brand communication: Creating a novel strategy that makes the Balewadi outlet ring in the ears of the audience. Outdoor Advertising: We put up outdoor advertisements that included bill-boards and banners advertising the launch of Apache.Social Media Marketing: Using social media platforms to create a buzz about the launch. PR: This was a great tool that contributed to the success story of this brand’s outlet communication.


While the turn-out was expected for a decent 120, the actual numbers exceeded 450 with people waiting outside the restaurant which was overwhelming! When people were asked for a feedback, they mentioned that they loved it and we are glad,the campaign turned out to be a success.