Uses of Content Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Uses of Content Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

16 August 2017 | Blog

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one” -Robert Rose
Marketing is all about promoting a particular product, service or your brand. But well-drafted ‘Content’ will give your marketing mix, the recognition it deserves. Content is found in every way of marketing, may it be in the newspapers or something more recent, such as mobile marketing. Massive content is produced across platforms online for videos, blogs, websites and the social media networks. Social Media Network does not only focus on the generation of content but also reaching out to the right audience.
The main aim of content marketing is attracting consumers who will not only read but later choose to share it. Content shapes your brand’s public image whereas marketing fetches a response. Your content is effective when it not only informs but also entertains your audience.

“If you’re not putting out relevant content, in relevant places — you don’t exist.” -Gary Vaynerchuk
A recent episode of matchless Usain Bolt being beaten by American Justin Gatlin created a stir in the air. The picture of American Gatlin bowing before Bolt after defeating him in the World Championship got contagious. Amul, the premium brand of milk products in India chose to post on their Facebook page an illustrated version of the incidence devising a tagline “Usain Bolts into the sunset” with Amul Athlete’s Food. It makes the brand name go viral, not limiting it to geographical barriers. This is where Amul made it a point to reach out its audience
Content which manages to pull their desired consumers towards them win the race. Content with an element of entertainment or information has a wide reach on Facebook. “Likes” and “Shares” catch the fancy of your potential consumers in a click.


“Great Content is the best sales tool in the world” -Marcus Sheridan
The story portrayed through the content we devise is what matters to talk to your customer. Burger King India in their Instagram feed shared a graphic of the last potato fry with a tagline “Will you share the last fry with your bestie or eat it yourself?” asking their viewers to tag their best friend. This creative advertisement takes a note of a regular situation of every college going student at one point while engaging with their favorite brand, read making choices. The content connects to their youth customers.

The Mullen Lowe Lintas Group’s Facebook page used their content in a form of an info- commercial creating a post on issues of gender-sensitisation and gender equality simultaneously. They chose to post a picture of a young girl with her mouth clamped by a set of hands. The eyes of the girl wide open which would send a shiver down our spine. It is accompanied by a caption “SHE = HE-Only when we think they are equal will the world become safer for women. Petition the HRD ministry to make gender sensitization compulsory in schools” This ground breaking content today shares the common concern of the women of India. It touches the soft nerve of the citizens of India pulling countless viewers.
So the content posted on the social media platform should be easy to connect and even relate with how your consumers perceive you.

“Content Marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date. ”
If we flip through your Instagram feed we stop at engaging Gifs which barely last for seconds showing a wide range of clips from DIY crafts to the life hacks. These gifs can be one of the best content marketing strategies in the recent times. “Tasty” which is a division of Buzzfeed started a trend of sharing videos of recipes fulfilling your snack cravings. These initially were launched on Facebook that later were introduced on Twitter and Instagram. These food related content GIFs went viral impressing many owing to their short duration and crisp delivery.
Content Marketing creates not only recognition for Buzzfeed with more and more people using their website. They create content which probes into the basic necessities of human life. Content marketing if used with a proper strategy enforces the existing relationship of the firm with the consumers of their services or products.

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