Social Media Innovation is Dead!

Social Media Innovation is Dead!

Posted by Shruti Nair
21 July 2017 | Blog

Social Media Innovation is climbing down the stairs, as every platform is constantly competing to copy the novelty factor that they can come up with. When AIB made a video on, “If Apps were People”, they covered a small section which had Facebook instructing Instagram to make stories and later, even Whatsapp had to follow suit. This humorous take on how social media innovation is approaching its creative death is questioning the very essence of how social media marketing is going to grow in the forthcoming years.

Trends come and go, and content becomes viral with one time but soon dies out as something replaces the virality of the current thing. In this age, most individuals and agencies on most platforms are contemplating on how to go viral because that is all that counts. The harsh truth comes out with Dhinchak Pooja’s YouTube channel going viral for absurd reasons (her songs, of course).

However, talking about innovation, we have traversed the times when text content was the big deal. Rather, today the even video has its variations in different forms— graphic videos, vectors, instructional videos, vlogs and more. YouTube is such a huge space for video content which is boosting the innovation in the digital space in this aspect. But, how do we analyze what to cover next and what can work in your favor? The answer isn’t half as simple but it isn’t difficult to evaluate either.

It is essential to understand your audience well, and based on their likes and what they would like to see from you, you can take the decision on which aspect of the digital space should you be exploring. For instance, it is not always necessary that a video will do justice to your brand as much probably an expert opinion will.

Considering that most social media platforms these days are following similar patterns to help their audience to market themselves. To counter Snapchat’s stories, Instagram and Whatsapp also started the story format and recently, now that Instagram allowed some verified users to link attachments such as videos or blogs in their stories, even Snapchat has come up with an update to do the same.

The factor of novelty is missing from the platforms, but exactly this is the leverage that most brands need to expand on, to be noticed by the audience.

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