The new innuendo for Honesty on the Web. The new innuendo for Honesty on the Web.

Posted by Shruti Nair
23 August 2017 | Blog

The rise of Social Media has actually taken the internet by storm with different challenges and platforms coming up. Playing on the notion of anonymity, the trend at this point in time is a platform called which motivates users to sign-up and receive anonymous feedback from absolutely anyone.The platform that was initially designed as a workplace motive for employees to talk

The platform that was initially designed as a workplace motive for employees to talk about the problems they were facing at an organization, has seen more takers in the age group of teenagers. This platform has caused more damage than good!


The app has seen nearly 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store within a month, and this is huge! People, especially teens are getting hooked on to the app which has become a social show-off for them apart from being a huge encouragement to flaunt anonymous compliments.

While it may act as a confidence booster for some, it is acting in the reverse role for many others. Sarahah is being called the next “Blue Whale Challenge” and is actually turning fatal for most users. In an age when you’re vulnerable about how people perceive you and what people think of you, your body, what you own and more, Sarahah actually acts as a catalyst for self-doubt.

Criticisms that too harsh ones are playing with the minds of young ones. Plus, these criticisms are anonymous which makes them a masked game that is being played. While a few may argue that it helps the users receive “constructive feedback and improve oneself”. But we beg to differ because it is ruining the lives of innocent ones.


If one needs constructive feedback, why would one take it from someone wearing a mask on the internet instead of seeking it from a person who actually knows me? The platform is psychologically unhealthy for youngsters as it keeps the sender’s privacy intact but the negativity actually affects the minds of the netizens. The internet is flooded with negative impacts like cyber stalking and cyber bullying. Do we really need an app to add to this drama?

The platform is inciting social crime as the platform can easily be used to brainwash young minds into different ideologies by different communities of the country. Persuasion into doing something unethical is really easy with this app and to spread hatred is neither too difficult as there becomes a natural tendency to share these anonymous messages on one’s social media channels. The Government needs to constantly keep an eye open to curb the malpractice through this platform.

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While Sarahah assures secrecy of the sender, the internet has never really been a safe space. McDonald’s recently was in news for its app users’ data being hacked and leaked out, thus questioning privacy of the app users. Similarly, there is a good chance of a breach of privacy of the senders as it can easily be accessed and hacked thereby making the entire platform, a wasteful device.

There are only two ways in which one could use this app- either be wise and actually make use of the platform to grasp the constructive feedback and not let the negativity affect your mind or else to not use the app at all. If you feel the urge to sign up, don’t stop yourself but be in the awareness on when your mind and logic is slipping and get your brain reins back into your hands.


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