Posted by Abhishek Upadhye | 09 February 2017| Thought

Do you know that it is being said that Donald Trump actually won the 2016 Presidential elections owing to his presence on Social Media over that of Hillary Clinton’s. However stupid or intelligent you thought his tweets were they drew engagement which actually led to him creating a viable presence in the digital space. Why...

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Posted by Aditya Patil | 07 February 2017| Blog

When there is an agency called, “Yet Another Agency”, how can Orca Studio be true to its title and justify the fact that we are not just another advertising agency, especially when every other agency is saying exactly the same thing? Knowing all of this, I’m going to elaborate on what is different about Orca...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 02 February 2017| Thought

Digital Marketing has become the talk of the town as more and more businesses are scaling up using this tool and if done effectively, it is not tough to become a brand that is everyone’s word of mouth. But to create such a presence that is so viable, it is necessary to analyze and understand...

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Apple logo design
Posted by Shruti Nair | 01 February 2017| Thought

Behind the Service or as we’d like to call it #BTS for Logo Designing basically which is one important constituent of Branding, involves more than what meets the eyes!   For instance, the following logo of Apple is the one that retains maximum customer thought. It is necessary to keep in mind the following 5...

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remote tv ads
Posted by Shruti Nair | 31 January 2017| Blog

An average individual in India spends nearly 9 hours a day using some form of media, out of which 3 hours 45 minutes is devoted towards television. With this high viewership of television, it is obvious that most consumers can never miss the TV commercials. Actually, most of us take time out to do everything...

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Time Square ads
Posted by Shruti Nair | 24 January 2017| Blog

Advertising is a means of communication to the preferred target audience regarding a product or service which is paid for to create a retaining effect on the consumer’s mind. With so many advertising agencies coming up, not only in the Indian subcontinent but across the world, there are more and more strategies being devised, newer...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 19 January 2017| Blog

There has been a major rise in blogging as a trend over the past two years and why not, when people are rising to fame through this trend. If writing could make you famous, who would not want to try their hand at it? But, with major upsides that are evident, there are certain downsides...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 13 January 2017| Blog

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… I could list many, many more social media platforms because we are never running out of podiums where we can socialise. Online media is filled with various social networks, for various purposes and do you know that of the 142 million Indian users on Facebook, 90% users are through mobile phone...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 04 January 2017| Blog

Your phone has become your saviour in today’s times, whether to while off time during family functions or to connect with people over social media. And, with so much happening on the device, it’s not surprising that maximum businesses are targeting to reach their audience through the means of local marketing. But when we speak...

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Posted by Orca Studio | 30 December 2016| Blog

RAPID!  That’s the word to describe the changes that are affecting the advertising and digital marketing industry. It’s not a process of slow evolution, rather it’s revolution at every stage and if you cannot adapt to these changes, it could turn out to be pretty harmful for you. As we were doing our research to...

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