How does Social Media work for e-commerce businesses?

How does Social Media work for e-commerce businesses?

02 August 2017 | Blog

Social media is one such arena which arrived later than the conventional media sources. In the future years’, life without social media would be unimaginable. Every single event and mishap happening around the world today are reachable to every person. Social Networking Sites and apps are not only easy but also the best marketing tools that e-commerce businesses could adopt. Each of these platforms has their own way to help publicize your services and products. As Lisa Horn aka The Publicity Gal says “Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known? ”

Facebook relies on posting pictures whereas LinkedIn has its focus on articles and blogs. To clarify this Furthermore, let us take a glimpse into different digital networking spaces.


Skimming through the feeds on the Home page of LinkedIn, you notice a box probing you to ‘share an article, a photo or an update’. The space beneath the box swarms with blogs. The genuine nature of the sites increases the scope of business promotions. No fooling around is the motto of this platform. For instance Flipkart, the online shopping portal posted a picture captioned, “Flipkart’s customers from the transgender community, together with Aravani Art Project, painted The Speaking Wall at a Flipkart hub in Bengaluru to send across a strong message of inclusiveness that enshrines the core company value of Customer First”. The content entices two communities at once-Transgenders and Artists, with which Flipkart not only gains sympathy but also a strong online presence.


The Facebook page of Koovs- an online fashion store posts an image of models wearing their collection with a ‘thought bubble’ doodled on it announcing the original price scratched off with a new and attractive price. These small graphic variations on images make the posts eye-catchy, enticing a truckload of viewers to the post. These are not only viewers but customers. Posting Crosswords and puzzles act like a fetching tool where “comments” on the post produce engagement thereby leading to an effect of mouth-to-mouth advertising. Gifs, contest’s, celebrity promotions also rule consumer interaction on a page.

Posting pictures combined with alluring captions has become old-school. Using social media marketing as a tool for an already online portal pushes its popularity further.


Questioning as we have learned is a good habit to have. Taking this age old habit ahead, Quora was created which is an online platform that encourages people to ask a question. Here, users can ask questions and get answers from with domain experts or other users who think they know about the subject. Every query asked on Quora does not limit to being just a query, but could turn out to be a strong marketing tool. For example, in the recent past, Amazon India’s “The Great Indian Sale” cropped up questions in the mind of the consumers which they chose to ask through the channel of Quora. Bloggers, Digital Marketers, and Editors of huge organizations choose to answer which not only created the viable hype about what Amazon is but also gave it a preferable profile-raise for the e-commerce store. Amazon’s Customer service page answers and caters to each and every customer online.

Tanuja Roy, a senior editor, mentor & advisor at iFora. Inc. answers the queries with enthusiasm. Her social presence not only benefits the communities but also increases the inquisitiveness in the minds of the audience regarding the iFora App used by diabetes patients to test glucose. In this manner, online consumers of iFora receive satisfactory answers with the company building its presence as well.


Following the footsteps of Snapchat, even Instagram used the feature of “Stories”, a depiction of pictures in chronological order. Stories are images lined up in order with business promotional messages and discount offers on them. They are loaded with pictures causing a quick impact on the mind of the consumer. An accidental click on this feature will show them deals that are available which would entice them to purchase it thereby making your lead into a potential customer.

Social media not only thrusts the consumers with information but also produces the desired response benefiting an e-commerce firm. Yet the perks of being on social media are just one side of the coin. If a social media platform can make your image, it has an equal share in running it too. An online space is too prone to various security issues, so are social media websites. Hence, it is essential to be aware of what’s happening on the web because so much data is being shared. It is one such medium which can be difficult to control as well as manage. Not all the information that we come across on the web is authentic. Here is some downside of social media-

  • Mediator of false and incorrect information.
    On social networking site and social networking apps information is forwarded in a click. The major drawback of it is there is no authentication of the information forwarded making it all bogus. One instance of wrong information that you broadcast on your platform without checking for facts could ruin your reputation online.
  • Negative opinions and responses.
    People sign up on social media platforms as it gives them a sense of individuality and identity. Apart from that, it even gives a lot of your consumers the power to use social media as a tool to criticize or complain about various brands. Unhappy customers are likely to express their disappointment on a social media platform seeking a quick response. One single comment of an ignorant customer of your services or products can cause damage to your brands reputation.
  • Maintaining an interactive social media presence.
    If brands make a decision to use social media platforms to publicize, the next step includes handling these pages. If the social media handle of the brand is not active, it will serve very little purpose. Updating regular posts on the page of the brands, in any format may it be an image, a video or status update has become a necessity in today’s competitive digital space. The comments and criticism of consumers or customers if not addressed in time can harm your brand’s online reputation.

Social Media Marketing can be like walking on thin ice, as you need to be careful of every move you make. You can be judged in a click’s time so whatever you do with your brand, is how your consumers will perceive you. Perception will lead to believe so if you want to build a positive brand image, you need to do it well. However, most e-commerce businesses have flourished by banking on social media marketing. So, learn the tactics and you’re good to go!

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