How Does SEO Help Website Business?

How Does SEO Help Website Business?

Posted by Shruti Nair
07 July 2017 | Blog

Digital Marketing has been taken over by ruling trends such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization coming into place. However, very few understand how exactly are these trends of benefit to a business in the online space.
Most often people give up on SEO because of the long duration that it takes to actually produce the desired results or due to the fact that skipping even one of the rules can produce a wrong result. In spite of all this, if you can ace Search engine optimization, it could turn out to be one of the smartest ways to a great revenue-generating the business model.
Now, you may question, how am I directly linking an online business to a digital trend. Well, the answer is in understanding how SEO works for a business. Because, the trend is a gradual process of increasing the visibility of your online platform on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc.
If you want to analyze as to how many people visit Google alone, don’t be surprised of the following numbers-


If you had to do the math, you could also include half the number of people searching on Google on to Yahoo and probably a quarter on Bing and add up the numbers to understand how competitive search engines actually are.

But the game does not actually start here because you’re the smart jack only if you can employ your SEO results and drive it into making you the top result for the most related keyword thereby compelling your potential visitors to click on your link!
Let’s go on to Math, as we say that you’re the first result on a particular page say for “Best Coffee brands in India”, you are drawing approximately at least A MILLION visitors, in a day if you had only a quarter of the quarter of the day searches on the search engine which is a mind-boggling number.


But you may also go on to question, this is all about my website visitors however how is it a great business revenue model as I had earlier mentioned?
Today, websites often sell goods/ products, services or information.
If we had to look at the goods/products websites, they are obviously generating revenue through the sale of their respective products. For instance, in the above picture, Big Basket is the first result which makes it the most clicked result for the particular keyword and it is estimated that Big Basket processes over 50,000 products in a day which means at least 1/10th of those visitors are converting on to becoming actual consumers if we take into consideration that some of the customers in the day are returning customers by using the direct link or the app.


Similarly, for service related websites, if your website ranks higher for a particular keyword, the trust seeps into your potential client and they would prefer calling the best of the lot (here, the digital space) and employing the services accordingly.
Whereas, for information such as a blog or a static website where only the information is provided, it depends on the purpose of creating such a platform. A static website could be created in order for the presence of a basic website giving out information which is authentic however blogs these days are also a major source of revenue. Ad Manager has only supplemented the growth of bloggers not only in India but around the world as most bloggers provide space on their platform for advertisers to place their ad which is paid for, to the bloggers. The better your credit, higher chances of bigger brands approaching you, thereby leading to higher revenue generation.
It is essential to drive traffic on to the website, which could either be organic or referral and SEO is a great tool that helps employ the right kind of effort to make this happen thereby helping build your website business.
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