Posted by Nikita Zankar | 11 November 2017| Blog

“The genie is out of the bottle. I fear that AI may replace humans altogether” -Stephen Hawking Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines as a result of digital information and algorithms. It has been continuously evolving with the evolution in technology and the human race has made it so. Since its creation...

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Posted by Nikita Zankar | 13 October 2017| Blog

India, the land of a billion people is a huge market for competing brands and products from all over the world. Yet, there have been some brands which have made a mark on the masses such that their names have become synonymous with the product they sell. In fact, the influence of their marketing is...

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Posted by Nikita Zankar | 25 September 2017| Blog

In today’s world, hosting a good corporate event has become one of the most important aspects of any business or company. A corporate event can either be to market the brand, attract the customers, establish a reputation or simply celebrate a milestone with the employees. It can create an atmosphere for the employees to bond...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 23 August 2017| Blog

The rise of Social Media has actually taken the internet by storm with different challenges and platforms coming up. Playing on the notion of anonymity, the trend at this point in time is a platform called which motivates users to sign-up and receive anonymous feedback from absolutely anyone.The platform that was initially designed as...

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Posted by falguni panchamatia | 16 August 2017| Blog

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one” -Robert Rose Marketing is all about promoting a particular product, service or your brand. But well-drafted ‘Content’ will give your marketing mix, the recognition it deserves. Content is found in every way of marketing, may it be...

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Posted by falguni panchamatia | 02 August 2017| Blog

Social media is one such arena which arrived later than the conventional media sources. In the future years’, life without social media would be unimaginable. Every single event and mishap happening around the world today are reachable to every person. Social Networking Sites and apps are not only easy but also the best marketing tools...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 21 July 2017| Blog

Social Media Innovation is climbing down the stairs, as every platform is constantly competing to copy the novelty factor that they can come up with. When AIB made a video on, “If Apps were People”, they covered a small section which had Facebook instructing Instagram to make stories and later, even Whatsapp had to follow...

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Posted by Orca Studio | 13 July 2017| Blog

“KFC serves the worst burgers ever!”      -Drake “I cannot even tell you how bad has my experience at the Juice Salon.”     -Emily These might seem just normal customer opinions which every brand faces at one juncture or the other. While these can be easily dismissed when it is personally conveyed, it...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 07 July 2017| Blog

Digital Marketing has been taken over by ruling trends such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization coming into place. However, very few understand how exactly are these trends of benefit to a business in the online space. Most often people give up on SEO because of the long duration that it takes to...

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Posted by Aahana Mehta | 30 June 2017| Blog

1.“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling “- Coco Chanel Branding was first used as a method to distinguish one person’s cattle from another by the use of a unique symbol burned into the animal’s skin with a branding iron. It’s still basically the same thing, except for the fact that there are too...

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