Posted by Shruti Nair | 21 July 2017| Blog

Social Media Innovation is climbing down the stairs, as every platform is constantly competing to copy the novelty factor that they can come up with. When AIB made a video on, “If Apps were People”, they covered a small section which had Facebook instructing Instagram to make stories and later, even Whatsapp had to follow...

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Posted by Orca Studio | 13 July 2017| Blog

“KFC serves the worst burgers ever!”      -Drake “I cannot even tell you how bad has my experience at the Juice Salon.”     -Emily These might seem just normal customer opinions which every brand faces at one juncture or the other. While these can be easily dismissed when it is personally conveyed, it...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 07 July 2017| Blog

Digital Marketing has been taken over by ruling trends such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization coming into place. However, very few understand how exactly are these trends of benefit to a business in the online space. Most often people give up on SEO because of the long duration that it takes to...

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Posted by Aahana Mehta | 30 June 2017| Blog

1.“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling “- Coco Chanel Branding was first used as a method to distinguish one person’s cattle from another by the use of a unique symbol burned into the animal’s skin with a branding iron. It’s still basically the same thing, except for the fact that there are too...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 20 June 2017| Thought

Marketing is not an easy task at all, especially since more and more platforms are springing up to clout the digital space with more content for the audience. With more and more platforms to cover, it is not only difficult to be juggling with all of them, but also to keep a tab on your...

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Posted by Aahana Mehta | 07 June 2017| Blog

Just as this question arises, comes the next question: What makes the perfect cup of coffee? Conveying a thought provoking post in 140 characters, creating a perfectly looking aesthetic feed, and getting likes and reads are definitely not as easy as one, two, and three. So let’s start by giving up, for a second (not...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 30 May 2017| Blog

Right at the start of 2017, we had a clearer picture of visuals ruling the internet with the way YouTube evolved in the recent two years. However, the game for design creative has also undergone a lot of change with GIF’s coming in, the play of elements & words in designs and obviously, video content. It...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 19 May 2017| Blog

A major aspect of marketing is branding. Branding, in today’s world, is an essential tool to turn a business into a renowned brand. In order to create a successful brand, it is essential to understand that there are different elements which create a difference in making this happen like creating a style guide, a logo...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 09 May 2017| Blog

Google is known to bring about changes not only every year but every quarter and it is indeed difficult to be up-to-date about each of this updates. However, to be a smart player in the Google rankings, it is necessary to keep up with the SEO trends of the day. With Google focusing on the...

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Posted by Shruti Nair | 24 April 2017| Blog

We know how important Social Media Marketing is today and it can be a boon to reach out to your customers in the digital space. Facebook and Twitter are already doing great for your business but how to utilize the famous photo-sharing networking site, Instagram to your advantage? Irrespective of the industry or sector that...

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