We are full-service communication agency with expertise in all aspects of Designing, Digital Marketing, Brand Communication and Creative writing. With this wide plateau of skill sets as a base, we are fully-prepared to provide you with a variety of services that will help you reach your goal.

We believe in creatively marketing every assignment we work upon. Our team is composed of imaginative and innovative professionals who stand out from the crowd because they share our company’s innate values of progress through creative teamwork.

Orca Studio was born to fulfil a single purpose: to help our client's brands communicate in the most creative and successful manner.


Our mission is to enable our stakeholders to reach higher business benchmarks by working with them to create a strong and creative brand identity that helps them stand out in a competitive market. All of our work is done in support of your brand’s values and goals.


Our vision is to provide clients with an unrivalled service whilst keeping their and our own core values intact. We endeavour to evolve and adapt constantly with the ever-changing trends in the media industry.


Integrity is a fundamental pillar of Orca Studio. In all our business activities we strive to conduct operations with full honesty and compliance to the set standards.
Creativity cannot be acquired or taught. It is a talent that requires passion, dedication and perseverance. At Orca Studio we pride ourselves in being passionate individuals who will readily spend their time and effort crafting unique, incomparable products.
At Orca Studio we take accountability very seriously. Every stakeholder is a valuable asset to us, and we know that the outcome of whatever decision we take or any suggestion we make, whether good or bad, is directly linked to us.
Our focus lies in conceptualizing highly creative strategies that produce valuable results. To do so, we strive to maintain a supreme level of quality at all times. Good quality generates good attention, and that is why we work to continuously provide the highest level of excellence with everything we do.
There is no shortcut to success: growth can be achieved only with a collaborative effort. Similarly in an organization, high performance is delivered only when a team performs well together. At Orca Studio, we take pride in working and producing superlative results as a team.
It is our firm belief that, to maintain growth, a brand needs to keep pace with the changing trends in the market. We constantly strive to yield new ideas by keeping a tap on the current market scenario, thereby giving your brand the best possible chance to communicate effectively with its customers.


Every campaign that we work upon is designed with Orca values in mind. We know how to tackle promotional marketing to help your brand to evolve in the competitive world. We are well-versed in targeting the right audience for your brand and know how to convert people from observers to customers to help you earn a substantial ROI.

The Best: Above The Rest.


Image is everything. We craft visual designs to best suit your brand & help you to convey your company visually & effectively. Our team produce visuals that speak to, engage, & influence audiences.
Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Advertising


We provide you with the perfect platform from which your brand can progress to the next level. We offer the following services to connect you to the
digital world :
Social media, E-mail Marketing, SEO services, Website


We can help your business to communicate with its consumers in the most effective way – by bridging the gap between the customer and the brand. Our Brand Communication services are:
Brand Language Design, Brand Strategy, Marketing Campaigns


Informative & innovative content is imperative in order for you to connect with an audience & inform consumers about your brand. You must communicate with the best words & in the most effective manner. We offer the following services to help boost your communications to the next level:
Content Writing, Copy Writing, Social Media Content, Content Management


Conducting research gives you an idea of the current market scenario & constantly-shifting trends. We offer clients:
Advertising Research, Promotion Research, Media Research


We are currently developing a mobile app for the following platforms:
For IOS, For Android



The contemplative and creative capacity of an individual has taken a back seat thanks to the internet.
If you disagree with the above statement, then Orca Studio is the place for you. If you believe you have enough dedication and creative talent – even if you are new to the world of media marketing and communications – we are waiting to hear from you.

If you want to join our pod then e-mail us your resume at careers@orcastudio.co




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Pune - 411008, India.


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